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Baby's Big World: Architecture

Written by Alex Fabrizio and Illustrated by Kat Uno

On Sale: July 21, 2020


Do you like to build with blocks? You might just be an architect!


Architects design all the buildings you see.

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes.

Each building has a purpose ...


From bridges and towers to houses and monuments, there are countless frontiers that your bold little builders have yet to cross! Let this fun board book take your reader on a tour around the world to see all the different types of buildings that architects have designed throughout history.


Join us on an adventure into history's most wonderful collection of archways, domes, museums, pyramids, and blueprints. Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Taj Mahal in India, and the Empire State Building in New York City. Some buildings are tall, while some are short; some are made of wood, while some are made of steel. Can you find how these buildings are different and the same?


From Starry Forest Books, Baby's Big World introduces babies to big concepts—everything from rocket science to music—for the very first time.


ISBN: 9781946000125

Ages: 0–3

Type: Board Book

Trim Size: 7” x 7”

Pages: 18 pages

Price: $8.99

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