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The Starry Forest Experience

Students can experience the making of a book and the building of a company through

workshops melding improvisation, creative writing, editing, and more. Led by company

president and artist, Robert Agis, the Starry Forest Experience ignites communication skills and inspires students to write their best life story.


When you treat students like poets and geniuses, they will be. Each student has a gift. Our mission is to help them find it and use it well. 


Explore our workshops, ranging from creative writing to entrepreneurship. All workshops can be customized for individual classrooms or large assemblies. 

The Art of Storytelling

Learn about the art of storytelling in this hands-on workshop that melds improvisation, creative writing, editing, and more. Students collaborate to create their own picture book. They write an original manuscript, edit their text, and choose an art style to bring their vision to life. Students leave the workshop confident that they possess the skills and creativity to author any story they choose.

How to Be an Entrepreneur 

Through a series of creative games, students uncover their core values, and use those discoveries to develop an entrepreneurial idea. With a focus on self-understanding, meaningful action, and crafting a vision that reflects who they are, students envision a life where their occupation can make a positive contribution to the world around them.

Into the Heart of a Classic

Students playfully retell a classic novel they’ve studied in school for audiences of different ages. They discuss character and plot to find the essence of the story. They then act as authors to pitch the novel to a mock publisher. Lastly, using their new insights, they play the part of editor and evaluate Starry Forest’s published adaptions of classics for young readers to discuss what they might do differently.


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Students are the heroes. 

Student participation is the heart of our workshops. Students unlock creative energy by engaging in hands-on activities every step of the way.

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Lessons last a lifetime. 

Our lessons aren’t just educational—they’re unforgettable. Students do  work that has a lasting impact on their confidence and self-expression.

Creative expression is limitless.

We share real-world experience in writing, publishing, design, and performance, with your classroom. Students will see there’s no one “right” way to be an artist, and they'll be inspired to find their own voice. 


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Robert Agis built Starry Forest Books into a worldwide brand with popular series including Baby’s Big World and acclaimed picture books such as The End. As an artist, Robert Agis has written children’s books and performed in musicals throughout the United States. He is

passionate about helping young people find their unique gifts to impact the world.

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