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Next live event: Tuesday, May 23, 6 p.m. ET

Join Starry Forest Books for our free First Impressions series. Submit your manuscript for a chance to get live feedback on your work. 


Company president Robert Agis will share his first impressions on an unpublished picture book manuscript submitted by you! Then he’ll answer questions from the audience on publishing, craft, and more in an interactive Q&A.


Do I need to submit a manuscript to attend the event?

You do not need to submit a manuscript to attend the event. Our discussion of craft and publishing will be relevant to any artist, and our Q&A is open to the audience. 


How do I submit a manuscript?

When you RSVP for the event via our Google Form, you’ll have the opportunity to attach your manuscript for consideration.


If I submit a manuscript, how will I know if it it’s chosen for First Impressions?

We’ll reveal the manuscript we’re reviewing on the live call, so be sure to attend!


What kind of work can I submit for consideration?

At this time, we are reviewing picture book and board book manuscripts. 


What kind of feedback will I get if my manuscript is chosen? 

Our First Impressions feedback is a concise summary of what stands out about your manuscript. As opposed to a deep-dive or line edits, we’ll share our most high-impact feedback on the direction of your work. 


If my manuscript is not chosen, can I resubmit it for future events?

If we don’t choose your manuscript for this event, we will roll it over for future events. You do not need to resubmit your work. If you would like to withdraw your work from being considered, you can let us know by emailing



Robert Agis built Starry Forest Books into a worldwide brand with popular series including Baby’s Big World and acclaimed picture books such as The End. As an artist, Robert Agis has written children’s books and performed in musicals throughout the United States. He is passionate about helping people find their unique gifts to impact the world.

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