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Baby's Big World: Geometry

Written by Alex Fabrizio and Illustrated by Kat Uno

On Sale: October 6, 2020


Examine geometry all around you, from the perimeter of a kite to the circumference of a cake.


Geometry can change the shape of your world!


Observe the geometric forms surrounding us, from the bridges we cross every day to the pools we play in. Pairing basic language with bright illustrations, this guide to geometry makes complex math accessible with joyful, day-to-day events—making it easy to understand how geometry impacts our lives.


With terms in bright colors and adorable characters illustrating rudimentary concepts like shapes, angles, and volume—this board book is a pleasure to share with little learners.


Geometry gives toddlers and children a headstart in understanding simple mathematical principles, from how circles differ from rectangles to how parallel lines do not meet. The book serves as a foundation for a guardian's first math-focused read with young kids and is perfect for a teacher’s STEAM library.


From Starry Forest Books, Baby's Big World introduces babies to big concepts—everything from rocket science to music—for the very first time.


ISBN: 9781946000194

Ages: 0–3

Type: Board Book

Trim Size: 7” x 7”

Pages: 18 pages

Price: $8.99

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