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Baby's Classics: Tom Sawyer

Adapted by Alex Fabrizio and Illustrated by Greg Paprocki

On Sale: January 5, 2021


Life is full of adventure with Tom Sawyer in this little book—perfect for little hands!


Get up to some mischief! Tom Sawyer is an imaginative boy who can find trouble around every corner—and he'd love to take you along for the ride! Make believe that you're a pirate sailing the seven seas or a treasure-hunter seeking the greatest treasure in the world in this must-have board book edition of Mark Twain’s classic The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.


With foil on the cover and engaging illustrations throughout, Baby's Classics: Tom Sawyer is a delightful addition to baby's first storytime collection! In this essential story of American boyhood, Tom and his best friend Huck Finn will have you doing cartwheels, rafting down the Mississippi River, and searching for where 'X' marks the spot.


From Starry Forest Books, Baby's Classics will delight your little one with the world's best stories. Collect them all!


ISBN: 9781946260406

Ages: 0–3

Type: Board Book

Trim Size: 6.25” x 8.25”

Pages: 24 pages

Price: $8.99

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