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Classic Adventures: Treasure Island

Adapted by Jacqueline Dembar Greene and Illustrated by Carlo Molinari

On Sale: August 31, 2021


Weigh anchor and embark on an epic treasure hunt in the classic adventure story, Treasure Island, now written with young readers in mind!


X marks the spot! When young Jim Hawkins comes into possession of a mysterious treasure map, he sets sail in search of gold and jewels with the local doctor and magistrate. They're joined by Captain Smollett and a crew of sailors handpicked by Long John Silver, the ship's cook with one leg and a talkative parrot.


But beware—here there be pirates! And they're after the hidden treasure too! Can the crew of the Hispaniola uncover the treasure first? Or will the pirates beat them to it?


With foil on the cover and fresh full-color art from Carlo Molinari, this adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island promises to be an exciting first chapter book.


From Starry Forest Books, Classic Adventures brings action-packed adaptations of favorite classics to early readers.


ISBN: 9781946260260

Ages: 7–10

Type: Hardcover Chapter Book

Trim Size: 6" x 8"

Pages: 64 pages

Price: $7.99

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